New Two Layer Gauze Baby Slings

I am so proud to announce our new Gauze Slings! Our Gauze Baby Slings are two layers of fabric, which provides a very durable sling, yet the fabric is lightweight and breathable. Gauze also provides a great width-wise stretch in the sling for added comfort for your baby. View our selection at raspberrybaby.etsy.com. Post a comment requesting your favorite color.... and it just may be added to the selection!


Many New Therapy Wraps Available

Herbal Therapy wraps are so cool! They make perfect gifts for just about ANYBODY! How many people do you know who could use just a little relaxation therapy? Check out this new argyle design -- just perfect for that cool guy you know.


Shop Re-Opened!

Hello all! I just needed to get the word out that Raspberrybaby.etsy.com is opened again. So if you have need for a Baby Sling, Nursing Cover, Bibs, Maternity Skirts, Keychain Wristlets, or our famous Versatile Herbal Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps..... get your groove on and place your order!.....Check out this great herbal wrap...

The Flower Shop of Coppell Floral Arrangement Give Away for DFW Readers

The Flower Shop of Coppell Floral Arrangement Give Away for DFW Readers

This is a $30.00 giveaway! $30 towards any arrangement in the shop! My favorite is the "Madly in Love"... What's yours?


Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that Ring Slings at RaspberryBaby will only be available for a LIMITED TIME! If you'd like to get a great deal on a fantastic, stylish sling --- don't wait! They are going fast, and when they are gone... they just moight be gone forever... but who knows?!

100% cotton breathable, comfortable slings for both mom and dad.


Ring Slings at RaspberryBaby

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that Ring Slings in my shop will only be available for a LIMITED TIME! If you'd like to get a great deal on a fanatastic, stylish sling --- don't wait! They are going fast, and when they are gone... they are gone.

100% cotton breathable, comfortable slings for both mom and dad.


Fall Maternity Skirts are Back

Our corduroy maternity skirts are back at RaspberryBaby! These skirts were so popular last fall and winter that we have brought them back for another season! Super stylish, simple, and comfortable for the upcoming cold months. Available in colors tan, espresso brown, and ash gray.


FREE SHIPPING Today on all Baby SLINGS and Nursing Covers

Enjoy free shipping withing the U.S. and Canada on all purchases today at raspberrybaby.etsy.com. This is a great savings ($5.50 value). Take advantage of hot new slings for fall.



For just one day only at raspberrybaby.etsy.com, all Rustic Baby Slings are a huge $10.00 Off! All Original Rustic Slings are just $25.00! Slings come in 15 different colors! Tell your friends cause this sale price will be gone tomorrow! Thanks!!!


Black on Black Linen Sling

The all new black on black linen ring sling is a must-have! This sling goes with everything... and should be a staple (just like a little black dress is!). 100% pure soft linen with black aluminum rings. Come check it out at raspberrybaby.etsy.com. http://www.etsy.com/listing/50068578/pure-soft-linen-ring-sling-in-all-black


More SodaStream Giveaways!

Stop buying cans and bottles... Here's another giveaway from SODASTREAM... http://msfizz.sodastreamusa.com/2010/06/09/could-sodastream-change-your-life/comment-page-3 And follow them on twitter, @SodaStreamUSA. LOVE IT!!!!

Eco-friendly SodaStream

Hey everybody! I read about the SodaStream Soda Fountain in great book called Suddenly FRUGAL by Leah Ingram and I totally want one! Anyway, I found a great giveaway for one which I've just entered but thought I would let you all know about it too, (even though it may reduce my chanced for winning!) lol. Here it is: http://intheknowmom.net/?p=6194 ... Good luck!


Lewisville Old Town Farmer's Market

Hey there! This Saturday Raspberry Baby will be at Lewisville's Old Town Farmer's Market selling herbal heat wraps. Hope to see you there supporting your local growers and artisans. Check here for previews of items: http://www.etsy.com/listing/45642599/herbal-shoulder-heat-wrap-great-gift-on


Follow Me

Hey, follow me now on Twitter http://twitter.com/myraspberrybaby and you will find out first when I am doing Giveaways, Freebies and where my Coupons can be found.


Lightweight vs double layer baby slings. $5.00 coupon

Okay, consumers of Baby Slings, let's figure out which are the best baby slings and why. I want some feedback from you. With all of the attention that the recent recall received on some store-brand pouch style baby slings, I am even more convinced that my lightweight slings are a much better choice!

First of all, those slings which were recalled were bulky, padded, and no doubt two layers of fabric. They were also the pouch style baby slings which aren't adjustable, so if you don't get a good fit, your baby may not lay in the slings correctly. SO, I think lightweight ring slings are the way to go any way you look at it.

Raspberry Baby ring slings are mostly one layer of fabric, about 30 inches wide, and long enough to fit most larger people without overwhelming the smaller ones. I do offer to add a second layer of fabric for a small price for those of you who really want an ultra-sturdy sling.

Raspberry Baby was one of the first ring sling sellers on etsy and I have noticed many imitators over the last two years, not only with style, but with fabric selection. But you know what? I don't even care, cause I am convinced that my width and length of ring slings make them the most versatile. Widths that are smaller than about 27 inches leave not enough fabric to carry a baby much older than a newborn in the kangaroo carry. Widths that are larger than 31 inches really become way too much fabric which can once again cause problems with fabric bunching up around baby's face. Having a sling that is around 40 inches wide or so is simply crazy! Don't buy one like that!

Okay, so here is where I want your feedback as a consumer. Please let me know how you feel about one layer ring slings versus two layer ring slings. What are your thoughts? Let me know and you will receive $5.00 off of a purchase of one of Raspberry Baby slings. Thanks!


New Stuff for SUMMER

Wow! It is summer here in Texas... and I'm ready to make some new skirts! I have tons of fabric and designs ready and just waiting to be sewn! Visit raspberry baby soon. I have new slings I will be posting shortly also, including an all black linen sling with black rings - so chic and elegant!


Winner of Raspberry Baby's BLOG GIVEAWAY

Thanks for all who participated in this month's BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!! The comments were great, but unfortunately there can only be one winner. The winner was chosen totally at random, (I printed all of the comments, and let my 2 year old pick one comment out of a paper sack). The winner should contact me via email (raspberrybaby@gmail.com) with your address and info so I can send the sling of choice...


Kait M.!!!!!! Who will win her favorite sling which is the SQUASH BLOSSOM Ring Sling. YAY!

Thanks to all who participated. I wish everyone could be a winner, so I'm happy to give a $5.00 coupon to all who made comments on my blog. Just send me a convo through etsy conversations and I will give you your coupon. Become a follower of this blog and you will get info on upcoming sales and specials, plus info on my next giveaway.

Have a happy weekend everybody - I know I will!


BLOG GIVEAWAY - RaspberryBaby Ring Sling

Enter to win a FREE Ring Sling from RaspberryBaby.etsy.com. All you have to do is go to the website raspberrybaby.etsy.com, pick your favorite ring sling, and come back here to this blog and post a comment saying which ring sling is your FAVORITE. One lucky winner will win his/her FAVORITE SLING! Contest ends Friday, January 15th. The winner will be announced on this BLOG and on the front page of raspberrybaby.etsy.com.

Ring Slings are not just for hippies and treehuggers

When you picture a baby in a ring sling, who do you picture as the Stow-er? Maybe a long-haired woman, hairy legs, bra-less, with a peace-sign tattooed on her forehead? Am I stereo-typing? I don't mean to... really. I think that there are misinformed women who have only seen very earthy woven, or even tie-dyed ring slings. For some reason, many women feel that Ring Slings are for hippies, but Pouch Slings are for the sophisticated. Well, it's just not true! There are so many fabrics which are used for ring slings. You do not have to buy an ugly fabric! Don't be afraid of ring slings, in fact, their benefits are far too great to push them aside. Here are just a few:

1) They are Adjustable even when your baby is in it! (it won't sag like a messy baby wrap, which in order to adjust has to be completely re-tied.)
2) Hands down, the best carrier to nurse in. (Again the adjustability reigns here, too).
3) Usually large and small enough for both husband and wife, making it virtually two slings in one.
4)Compact, can be folded (or wadded) up very small.
5) Can be very lightweight, (unlike having 5-6 yards of fabric tied around you like the baby wrap).
6) Comes in a variety of fabrics, wovens, cotton quilting fabrics, linens, tencels, bamboo blends, and some have even dappled with stretchy fabrics.

Need I go on? I think that there is a ring sling for everyone. Give them a try, you may find you simply love it - even if you aren't partial to hugging trees! But if you are - buy an eco-friendly one!

Courtesy of raspberrybaby.etsy.com, Baby Slings, Maternity Skirts, Nursing Covers and more.


RaspberryBaby has many Ready To Ship Items for Baby Shower Gifts, or yourself!

Check out the Ready to Ship items at raspberrybaby.etsy.com. Custom orders are still accepted, but are taking a little more time as Tiffany is welcoming a new baby in May. Raspberrybaby.etsy.com will still be opened for business, but if you'd like something right away, purchase an item listed as Ready To Ship. Thanks!


Many new Mom and Baby items coming March 15th-21st

Come see the new Spring/Summer Collection of eco-friendly, and organic baby slings, wraps, carriers, pouch slings, nursing covers, herbal wraps, bibs, burpcloths, maternity skirts and more from Raspberry Baby in person, or on the Internet.

New Items for Spring/Summer coming all next week!

Come visit the UPTOWN DALLAS ECO-WELLNESS BAZAAR. If you are in the Dallas area, mark your calendar and cure your "need for green" with a unique mix of fashion, accessories, home, and health. March 21 10AM-6PM. Hadley and Harriet 3922 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219.

Come see Raspberry Baby's Shop in person and be the first to see the new Spring/Summer Collection of Slings, Skirts and More.



Raspberrybaby.etsy.com offers a New Designer Fabric Keychain Wristlet for only $2.50 with a purchase of $20.00 or more!! The regular price is $6.50 plus shipping. What a great deal!!!!!!!!


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