Sling Safety

*Remember that it takes time to become an expert at anything - even sling-wearing. Be patient and you will discover the many benefits of wearing your baby.
*Sit down when you are first learning how to put your baby in the sling. It is helpful to be in front of a mirror also.
*Never bend over from the waist while wearing your baby. Bend at the knees or let someone help you.
*Be careful when doing chores. Never cook while wearing your baby in front of you. Fabric is flammable so keep you and your baby safe!
*Always keep one hand on the baby when you are first learning how to wear your sling. Make sure that the sling is very tight, keep that baby snug!
*Check your sling regularly for safety. If there are any tears - do not put your baby in the sling!
*Be careful while adjusting the fabric through the rings. It should be easy, don't force it as this may cause the fabric on the tail to tear. Thread the tail through again and do it right! Send me an email if you are having troubles. babyslings@mac.com
*Remember that you are responsible for the safety of your baby, not the sling.
*Do not use your sling in place of a car seat in a moving car.
*Be aware of heat conditions if wearing your baby in your sling in hot weather.
*Always ask if you have any problems! I am here to help you enjoy your sling.

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