Ring Slings are not just for hippies and treehuggers

When you picture a baby in a ring sling, who do you picture as the Stow-er? Maybe a long-haired woman, hairy legs, bra-less, with a peace-sign tattooed on her forehead? Am I stereo-typing? I don't mean to... really. I think that there are misinformed women who have only seen very earthy woven, or even tie-dyed ring slings. For some reason, many women feel that Ring Slings are for hippies, but Pouch Slings are for the sophisticated. Well, it's just not true! There are so many fabrics which are used for ring slings. You do not have to buy an ugly fabric! Don't be afraid of ring slings, in fact, their benefits are far too great to push them aside. Here are just a few:

1) They are Adjustable even when your baby is in it! (it won't sag like a messy baby wrap, which in order to adjust has to be completely re-tied.)
2) Hands down, the best carrier to nurse in. (Again the adjustability reigns here, too).
3) Usually large and small enough for both husband and wife, making it virtually two slings in one.
4)Compact, can be folded (or wadded) up very small.
5) Can be very lightweight, (unlike having 5-6 yards of fabric tied around you like the baby wrap).
6) Comes in a variety of fabrics, wovens, cotton quilting fabrics, linens, tencels, bamboo blends, and some have even dappled with stretchy fabrics.

Need I go on? I think that there is a ring sling for everyone. Give them a try, you may find you simply love it - even if you aren't partial to hugging trees! But if you are - buy an eco-friendly one!

Courtesy of raspberrybaby.etsy.com, Baby Slings, Maternity Skirts, Nursing Covers and more.

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