Lightweight vs double layer baby slings. $5.00 coupon

Okay, consumers of Baby Slings, let's figure out which are the best baby slings and why. I want some feedback from you. With all of the attention that the recent recall received on some store-brand pouch style baby slings, I am even more convinced that my lightweight slings are a much better choice!

First of all, those slings which were recalled were bulky, padded, and no doubt two layers of fabric. They were also the pouch style baby slings which aren't adjustable, so if you don't get a good fit, your baby may not lay in the slings correctly. SO, I think lightweight ring slings are the way to go any way you look at it.

Raspberry Baby ring slings are mostly one layer of fabric, about 30 inches wide, and long enough to fit most larger people without overwhelming the smaller ones. I do offer to add a second layer of fabric for a small price for those of you who really want an ultra-sturdy sling.

Raspberry Baby was one of the first ring sling sellers on etsy and I have noticed many imitators over the last two years, not only with style, but with fabric selection. But you know what? I don't even care, cause I am convinced that my width and length of ring slings make them the most versatile. Widths that are smaller than about 27 inches leave not enough fabric to carry a baby much older than a newborn in the kangaroo carry. Widths that are larger than 31 inches really become way too much fabric which can once again cause problems with fabric bunching up around baby's face. Having a sling that is around 40 inches wide or so is simply crazy! Don't buy one like that!

Okay, so here is where I want your feedback as a consumer. Please let me know how you feel about one layer ring slings versus two layer ring slings. What are your thoughts? Let me know and you will receive $5.00 off of a purchase of one of Raspberry Baby slings. Thanks!


  1. Well I like the versatility of having a double sided sling so you can coordinate your sling to your outfit, but I do agree that the bulkiness of a double layer sling makes it a bit challenging to work thru the looks and tighten. I had a single layer cotton jersey sling too and I liked the weight of it, but over time it stretch so much that the tail ended up being really long! I want to try linen for my next bundle as it is breathable and I think the way linen is a bit sheerer it will look good on both sides without a faded inner side.
    Hope that helps ;)

  2. It depends on the sling fabric. If it's a quilters weight cotton, linen or silk, I'd prefer double layer. I find that these fabrics stay put better if there are two layers. And with cotton and linin, it's not any hotter, as these fabrics breath well.

    If it's a bottom weight fabric though, like a twill, it's not absolutely necessary, but it's still my preference.

    I agree though about having too much fabric in width! I like mine around 30 inches even.

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